So here we are – the 1st week of 2021 almost to an end! And our wonderful government are no clearer on what it is they should be doing! Letting people get some hint of normality back should be their main priority – they’re only thinking of introducing testing at the ports & airports now – ridiculous! If they had done that at the start, we would be well on the way to recovery by now. Anyways – I could rant forever, but your not here to listen to that! With it very clear that the virus is going nowhere just yet, so just where does that leave you when it comes to planning what’s meant to be one of the most special days of your life?

A lot of my current couples are going full steam ahead (some after 2-3 postponements and 2/3 sets of invitations!). Whether it with 25 guests, or 6, with facemasks mandatory and hand sanitiser as wedding favours! A lot of couples are getting married at private ceremonies too, and sending out their “post wedding invites” when its deemed safe to have the big celebration! With so many options out there, its hard to know what to do, but you have to do what’s right for you! I know for sure if it was my wedding, I’d have the smaller wedding now – more intimate & personal (and what an excuse to go all out with the decor!). Then a huge celebration when the world returns to normal – think canapes, finger food, band & dj – a huge wedding celebration – everyone will be well ready to party when the time comes – and isn’t it a fantastic excuse to rock out “The Dress” again?!

Here’s a little something I put together a while back – its a wedding planning checklist – its free to download – just save it and print it off, and It will keep you right! DOWNLOAD HERE

Till next time, happy planning,

D Xx