Well here we are! On my re-designed, modified (and hopefully, in time) bigger & better website!

I’ve wanted to re-do the website for AGES now, but couldn’t find the time – what with it being peak wedding season, planning my own wedding (which is approaching at the speed of a fully loaded freight train!)and a little bit of house hunting – its all go!

However – Late one evening, I wanted to re-set my online shop (as there were a few pages I messed up!) and instead of deleting what I thought was the the WooCommerce file, I deleted the WordPress file – MAJOR RESET! The old website (and all the content!) was no more! I’ll not lie – I nearly cried!

In a way, it gave me the blank canvas I needed to make the changes and edits that I wanted to! Which is great! But its going to take a little while to have it all the way I want, and as I’m getting married in… 18 days…. I haven’t quite got the time to have it all fixed before I go on leave! But it’ll be waiting here for me to add to when I come home a married woman!

I’m hoping to blog a little more too, share tips & advice that I’ve gathered while planning my own wedding, and once my weddings done & dusted, I think I’ll have a little spare time on my hands!

Chat soon!

Donna Xx
Owner & Designer